October 21st  2018 Funabashi Baptist Church Sunday Service


Scripture:Mark1427-311466-72  Sermon title"I am all right"


Jesus told his disciples. “You will all fall away,” (verse 27)
He also said that they would run away and left him.
When Peter heard this, he was very resentful. He seemed quite confident with himself as he was.
Even if you abandon you and run away, I abandon you and will not run away.
He was even preparing to die and said he would never leave Jesus, even though all the rest would do.
How about us? "You can stop any time you want to stop smoking and drinking"
Is there anyone saying like that?
Among those who say "I cannot" however they may be thinking that "I am all right" by merely pretending to be humble. There is no strange basis, but there is only strange confidence.




“Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “today—yes, tonight—before the rooster crows twice you yourself will disown me three times.” (verse 30) It was not Jesus' too much worry.
What has been said by Jesus has come true.
After the meal is over, Jesus is going to the Gethsemane in order to pray with his disciples.
Then Jesus was arrested by the teachers of law and the priests
At that time his disciples left Jesus and ran away. (verse 50)
Peter sneak into the courtyard of the High priest’s house however before the rooster crowed tow times, Peter said three times that he did not know Jesus, Peter remembered what Jesus had said to him and broke down and began to cry. (verses 66-72)


What happened to the word “Even if all fall away, I will not.”?
Peter 's pride crumbled away as if making a noise and it is also when he noticed his weakness.
Well, here we would like to think. Why did Jesus say that the rooster crows?
Is it only natural that the rooster crows in the morning? Jesus could have told Peter another different sign.
The custom of keeping rooster at home at that time was not so rare.
I believe that Peter heard the rooster crows every day.
Each time Peter felt his own misery and weaknesses of betraying Jesus, he has thought the depth of Jesus' love.


Paul is also an important person same as Peter. He was suffering from a serious illness.


He called his illness a thorn which is a messenger of Satan in order to keep him from becoming conceited. When he prayed the Lord to heal, but the Lord said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”, so he understood that "weakness is strength" (2 Corinthians12:7-10).
Confidence is sometimes unhappy. If you do not need God's help, you become arrogant,
Some people do not even notice the weakness of others.
Knowing our weakness is not a shame. Because we can receive the grace of God.